In February 2020, we were looking forward to an year fi lled with actvities and suddenly COVID struck. All regular activities came to a complete hault. The entire society suffered eco- nomic loss, but the hardest hit were the people from the lower starta working as daily wagers or in odd jobs at SMEʼs and at peoples homes. During this period we distributed over 5000kgs of ration in the Wazirabad Jhugis, Ghasaula Gaon, and Harijaan Colony. The people living in these slums are mostly daily wagers with little means to survive during an extended lockdown such as the one we all faced. We also con- tributed regular meals for distribution through Rasoi on Wheels, an NGO working to ensure noone goes hungry during this devastating time.

Maanas Shiksha


The entire Society was under financial and emotional stress during the early Corona days, but the worst hit were the children who were struggling with being confined indoors without clear timelines or agenda. In order to give them a sense of routine and meaningfulness, and ensure continuity of a smooth education, we began online classes within a few days of the Lockdown being implemented. How? Technology came to our aid.

  • Transalting our curriculum designed for face to face delivery to one that could be taught virtually
  • Modifying the teaching methodology to suit an online enviornment.
  • Forming groups through which we could conduct classes via Whatsapp and zoom.
  • Conducting Summer camps online – keeping the children engaged with dance classes, Upcy- cle projects, Art projects and events such as enviornment Day.
  • All the time ensuring full payment to our teaching and support staff
  • Conducting awareness sessions on proper hygiene, sanitization and containment to ensure safety for all
  • Many of the migrant laborers returned to their villages once travel was possible, the children of these workers too continue to study online with us.We rose to the challenge of the online enviornment quickly to ensure the children stay engaged, motivated and connected to their peers and teachers, but there were issues we struggled with
  • An overwhelming number of childrensʼ parents did not have and could not afford a smart phone. In order to assist this section, we began collecting second-hand phones from our donors, which we then gave on a need basis to these students.
  • Often they couldnʼt even afford the regular recharge of the phone so we assited many with that too on a regular basis.

While we are doing our outmost to aid the underpriviligied during this time of difficulty, we forsee that elearning might become standard practice and a neccessity going forth. We appeal to you to assist these children by donating old laptops, tablets and smart phones, or donating money towards there, so they can continue their learning irrespective of the circumstances around them.

  • Your small donation will become a tool for the success of these students and encourage the teachers too!

Through the Dispensary

Covid caught us all off-gaurd, but the lowest encomic group having limited resources have suffered the most physically as well as fi nancially. In order to help them in this tough time, we have invested in 2 oxygen cylinders as well as oxymeters which are accessible to them on a need basis. We continued to pay our staff through -put the Lockdown Period, and opened up the dispensary as soon as the Lockdown was relaxed offi cially, as providing treatement to needy was an overwhelming requirement of the moment. We have been running smoothly since the lifting of the lockdown while maintaining social distancing at the clinic but providing constant care to the needy.

As Our Outreach Camps

Grow Healthy – Scientists say building up ones immunity is critical to fi ghting Covid, keeping this in mind, we have been distributing nutritional supplements like chavanpravash, Horlicks, Eee Gee ready to use paste, Milk Powders to children

Stay Healthy – We have also been organizing covid testing Camps with UPHC. At these camps, the UPHC team tests people of all classes for Antigens and RTPCR. While we support them in organizing it and undertake distribution of B Capsule, Vitamin C and mask to people from the economic weaker sections who came for these camps. Such Camps were conducted at various condominiums such as The Belaire, Palm Springs, Icon, Pinnacle, Araliyas, Westend Heights, Crest, Magnolias and at our Maanas Dispensary etc.

Age Happily – Supported the Earth Saviorʼs Organization by giving them donations in the form of Rice, cotton rolls, bandages, crape bandages, IV-Sets, syringes, gloves, etc and also direct fi nancial aid.