5-15 Yr Olds
Students upto Grade 5


Students till 2020


10 + 1
Teachers + Principal

Objective – To provide free quality education to children up to Grade 5.

Maanas Shiksha Centre is an English Medium institute that provides holistic education to primary school children. We provide free quality education across academic and non-academic subjects such as arts, sports etc. for children up to Grade 5. Once the students successfully complete Grade 5, we coordinate with Government schools and Private schools to ensure a seamless transfer of the student into mainstream education.

What We Provide

  • A safe, warm environment where they can learn and strengthen their academic and natural talents.
  • We hold events and competitions, where children participate, gaining confi dence and feeling pride in themselves.
  • Regular Counselling sessions on good hygiene, good touch and bad touch. • Strengthen their knowledge of the world by taking them on fi eld trips to the Zoological Park, Planetarium etc.
  • A well- planned, balanced diet incorporating items like Porridge, eggs, fruit and milk.
  • All the mandatory vaccinations and health monitoring through Maanas Dispensary.

We believe
“ An educated
individual is an

History of Maanas Shiksha

It all started when some of our founding members observed a motley group of youngsters playing a game of marbles in the dusty parking lot, using unmentionable language to address each other and with visible signs of poor hygiene. Upon being offered a simple snack, they humbly commented, that the little bite would be sufficient for their full meal. This made the women realise the need for care required by these children. They began planning on how they could make a long term impact on the lives of these children. Herein, were sown the seeds of Maanas Shiksha. With the aim of starting the childrenʼs mentoring as soon as possible they began teaching in temporary camps, close to their shelters in 2012 itself. Our present building under the name of “Maanas Shiksha Centre” was formally launched in April 2015 in Gurgaon.

Meet Sakib

On our very first day of Maanas Shiksha, we met Sakib, a rag picker, who had never attended school any school before & used to pick rags for making money. It was an uphill battle to build his interest in formal learning. Over time, he began to see value in education and completed his primary education at Maanas in 2018 with flying colors. Today, he is a proud student of Saksham, an English Medium School at Sector 43, Gurugram.