AT Manaas Shiksha, we greatly value the wholesome development of the students. In keeping with this, in 2019, we organized a grand Interschool Sports Meet at the American Excelsi- or School Sports Ground. Students from over 8 NGO run schools enthusiastically participat- ed in the event, battling it out in many atheletic categories. The Chief Guest at the event, Shri Krishna Dhull, was galvanized by the energy and talent displayed by the children.

The students had a chance to amaze at the secrets of the sky, on their recent educational visit to the Nehru Planetarium. The students saw a detailed documentary explaining the outer space, galaxy, astronauts, constellations. Watching the mysteries of moon and its shapes un- ravel over their heads in the dome theatre was a magical experience for the children. This day trip was a great way for students to interact, explore and enrich their knowledge.

Another event that had the children beaming with excitment was the I AM GURGAON Plan- tation drive. Like every year, this year too, the students of Maanas Shiksha Primary School assisted in the plantation of trees. The tilling of the soil, the feel of the seeds, the sheer physical nature in the task, makes the children feel rooted to the land, and encourages a love for Moth- er Earth. The children also learnt how planting trees helps in improving the environment and prevents soil erosion.

Maanas Dispensary

As a part of upgrading our Dispensary facilities to provide maximum support to the underpriv- iliged, in 2019, we added a SLIT LAMP to our Eye Care equipment. The SLIT LAMP allows the doctors to microscopically examine eyes to diagnose any abnormaliities or Problems so as to quickly raise any alarm before the situtation becomes serious.

OutReach Programme

Grow Healthy: We enabled good nutrition and health monitoring for over 800 children via our Grow Healthy Camps at Harmony House, Swapan Sarthak, DCWC Centre, DCWC at Kingdom of Dreams, Saksham School and Highway High School.

Stay Healthy and Age Happily: We held camps for the underpriviliged at The Belaire, Palm Springs Condominium, Exotica Condominium and Kingdom of Dreams. Yearly distribution of blankets as always was also held on our Foundation Day.