Maanas Shiksha

We believe, that children learn critical social skills and the value of hard work and develop a good self-esteem by participating in interschool activities. In keeping with this spirit, children from our school participated and won prizes in the prestigious Mago Memorial Art Competition. Also, sports competitions form a healthy setting for the child to learn how to be a team player, and how one has to take winning and loosing in your stride through life╩╝s journey. This year, children from school participated in the CLEAN CITY GREEN CITY run organized by the American Excelsior School.

Our Annual day was a blockbuster show, with our Chief Guest Ms. Deepa Antil, congratulating the children on their energetic and heart warming cultural and gymnastics performances. The students blossomed under all this appreciation and felt deeply motivated to hone their talents further by rigoruos practcing in the future. INTRODUCED YOGA TO CHILDREN

As a part of experiential learning, we took the students on an excursion to the Kutub Minar, part of UNESCO World Heritage Qutub Complex. At the minar, the children learnt about the history of the monument, namely why it was made, how it was constructed and the architectural style of the monument. They also learnt about the the important work done by the Archaeological Survey of India, towards the upkeep and maintenance of all heritage sites such as the kutub Minar.

At Maanas Dispensary

In order to provide more convenience to the underprivileged, we engaged a Physiotherapist to join our team, now we can help people requiring physical rehabilitation and having mobility and functioning issues.

We also began assisting patients requiring detailed diagnosis by collecting their Blood Samples and tieing up with a local Lab to process the same.

Through OutReach Programme

Grow Healthy: We conducted Grow Healthy camps at various NCLP centres. We also conducted Grow Healthy camps at Swapan Sarthak, Bal Sakha and Shikshsharth at Kanhai village, gurgaon. At these camps, we did a health check-up for the children and distributed vitamins and minerals neccessary for the healthy growth of the children. We also conducted a cancer awarenes camp for children at Maanas SHiskha, in collaboration with Indian Cancer Society.

Stay Healthy and Age Happily: The underpriviliged working as domestic staff in high-rises in Gurgaon, find it difficult to take leave and go for health check-ups. To give them a helping hand, we conducted camps a______________________. RP2, Hamilton, and WIndsor COurt. Blood test, medicine