A more equal society
where all children have similar opportunities
to meet their potential and have access to
similar fundamental resources such as education, health, and skills.


To focus on the children from the marginalised sections of society
and meaningfully contribute to their formative years
by providing them access to education, nutrition and healthcare.
To make a significant improvement in the lives of these children and their families.
To gradually, increase the number of children under our fold as we expand our capabilities
and to constantly fine tune our approach such that we maximise the meaningful impact in
the lives of the children.

Our CORE Team

History of AIHDC

AIHDC is a charitable trust. It began in 2012, with well-meaning residents of Gurgaon
pooling in their own resources to help the children from the marginalised segments of society.
Soon this took the shape of a strong conscientious institution and AIHDC was born. As we
grew, several corporates and enthusiastic members of the society joined our march towards a
more equal world for all.
With a focus on education, we began teaching in temporary camps. Soon, we moved into
our own building where we operate our Maanas Shiksha Centre. We also started Maanas
Dispensary as we saw a need to ensure basic healthcare for all the children under our wings
and their families. With an eye to ensuring equal healthcare for all, we also run Stay Happy,
Grow Happy and Age Happily outreach programs.

We would be happy to have your support in terms of time, energy and resources, do reach
out to us to contribute.


On our journey towards making an equal society for all, we have been constantly helped with finances, guidance, and resources by Executive Centre, Indigo Reach, and Lakeforest Wines. We would like to thank them and the many small and big donations sent our way since our inception. These have helped us sail through tough times.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who have given us their most precious commodity their time and their unparalleled support through our journey. Helping us to be effective, giving us guidance and being our torch bearers.

Volunteer Speak

I have been a volunteer at Maanas Shiksha since it was a seed. Today it’s a fully grown tree with deep roots ( core members ), a strong trunk ( principal ), spread out branches ( teachers ), flowers, and fruits ( our blossoming kids ) all growing together for a better brighter future. The sincerity and responsibility taken by this school is showing results for. The so-called street kids are now not aimless but disciplined, focused, educated, well-groomed, and most of all more confident of themselves. They now live with a purpose of doing something worthwhile with their lives and all this was possible with guidance and support from a dedicated team of members at Maanas School.

– Ms. Dipti Tandon, Resident of Gurugram