Lives weʼve touched

A rickshaw pullerʼs 7 year old son unable to walk properly due to a tumor in his back, gets a free surgery at Paras hospital and is hence able to walk properly and enjoy a full life. A vegetable seller's 8 year old daughter gets access to quality education, paving her path to becoming a Emergency medical assistant.

Areas of WORK

Manaas Shiksha Centre

1200 primary children educated via Manaas Shiksha Centre

Manaas Scholarship

30 scholarship given via Manaas Scholarship

Manaas Dispensary

5000 people provided healthcare via Manaas Dispensary

Outreach Programme

62 health camps assisting Children via Grow Healthy Women via Stay Healthy Elderly via Age Happily

Since 2012, we have embarked on this journey to provide quality education and basic healthcare to the underprivileged. Join us or donate to our cause to help create a society with equal opportunities for all.

Activities in Pictures

We work on the ground to help the needs of children, women, and elderly people through our various outreach programs.

    Maanas Shiksha
    Maanas Dispensary


    We believe, Education is the biggest tool we have to bring about grassroots level change. An educated individual is an empowered individual. Keeping this in mind, we provide free holistic education to children from underprivileged sections of society until grade 5, at our school MANAAS SHIKSHA.

    Lack of a healthy diet, timely vaccinations and treatment lead to many physical deficiencies and ailments which can be easily avoided or cured. At our Maanas Dispensary we ensure proper nutrition, regular health monitoring and immunisation for the children studying at our school and their families.