It was a very rewarding year for us. AIHDC was facilitated at Kingdom of Dreams by the Haryana Government DCWC. WE participated in the 5 days event organized by DCWC Gurugram at kingdom of Dreams. AS AIHDC we set up Health camps to give free basic health and vision check ups to all visitors. For our efforts at this event, we were facilitated by the Haryana Government.


Annual Day forms an integral part of our school activities. It is an occasion of celebration and festivity, when students dress up in beautiful costumes and present spell-binding performances. Our Annual Day was focused on “Jeevan Mulya”, this year. The Chief guest was DC Gurgaon, Honourable Shri Amit Khatri, who felicitated the curricular and co-curricular achieve- ments of the children through out the year.

Republic Day and Independence day , as always were celebrated with full vigor and energy, to inculcate the values of patritoisim and repect for our heritage in the hearts of the children. These values of patritorism and love for traditions, were further deepened by the celebration of festivals of different cultures such as raksh bandhand, diwali, Krishna Janmashtmi, and Christ- mas.

Our Outdoor fi eld trip of the year was to the National Zoological Park, the Delhi Zoo. The excitement in the children was sky-high. Seeing animals in their natural habitat was an immersive experience compared to reading about them in books. The whole experience was an interactive one in which the children learnt empathy towards the animals and awareness of how important it was to safegaurd the natural habitats of the animals, so they they can live freely in the wild.

The children also learnt about transportation and modern infrastructure, via an educational ride on the Rapid Metro Train. The trip was rounded off with a lovely picnic at Cyber Hub where the children met members of the I am Gurgaon team. The I AM Gurgaon NGO members spoke to the children about…………

At Maanas Dispensary

We helped in the rehabilitation of Akhtarol, a painter who fell 6 floors while painting on site. After his fall, he approached many hospitals but sadly was unable to get proper treatment. On hearing of his plight, we helped him get diagnosed at AIIMS, where the doctors revealed that he had suffered a fracture of the Spinal Cord and the wrong movement could lead to paralysis or loss of body function for the rest of his life. We arranged surgery for him at AIIMS and handheld him throughout the process. Thanks to proper timely treatment, today he lives a full life and is back to his work.

Through OutReach Programme

Grow Healthy: We conducted Grow Healthy camps at Harmony House and NGO at Samaspur. At these camps, we did a health and vision check-up for the children and distributed albendazole tablets for deworming. We also partnered with MaxVision (An NCLP Centre) to conduct a Health and vision check-up for the children. At these camps we also distributed albendozole for deworming.
Stay Healthy and Age Happily: To give them a helping hand, we conducted a camp at Pinnacle Condominium, where we undertook blood test to diagnose for common ailments and distributed multi-vitamins, calcium, folic acid and iron on a need basis. We conducted a camp ay MaxVision Centre for wome, where we gave them advice of healthy living, nutirition, diet and provided them nestle milk for their infants. In April 2018, we partnered with Indian Cancer Society to conduct A Cancer Aawreness & detection Camp at Maanas Dispensary. Yearly distribution of blankets as always was also held on our Foundation Day.