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Objective – To provide health services to under priviliged sections of society

The Trust All India Human Development Council has been formed to provide health services to under privilege section of society and also spreading awareness of nutrition on human being in their life cycle whether they are child / adult or old age.

As Trust main objective is to make sure that every citizen of our country has reach in health services apart from cast / creed / religion it surveyed the DLF Phase –V area and its surrounding areas of Gurgaon and found it is surrounded by various high profile hospitals which are not in the reach of the poor families having less income to pay their heavy charges of even simple illness.

Keeping in view these socio-economic problems and deeply pondering over the reason our trustee with the help of Corporate sectors having a stake in the area wants to establish and maintain a charitable dispensary for all the people irrespective of cast and creed to avail the facility of medical treatment and also avail subsidised laboratory test if advised by the doctors.

What We Do

  • Naive People from the lower strata often fall prey to unqualified quacks practicing in their neighborhood, which leads to their condition getting worse.
  • We give the underprivileged access to qualified medical practitioners, so they receive the correct diagnosis and treatment. We counsel them on good hygiene, cleanliness, and proper sanitation. Through this, we have made a positive impact on the upliftment of the areas around their residence.
  • We do regular vaccinations and health monitoring of all our students at Maanas Shiksha. We offer free vaccinations and medical treatments to the students family members and community at large. We also provide necessary multivitamins, Calcium, Iron, and Folic Acid and supplements at little to no cost.
  • The dispensary has a panel of 10 specialist doctors, with facilities in ophthalmology, ENT, Physiotherapy, dental, pediatrics, and gynecology. We offer consultancy at no cost to the economically weaker strata.
  • We help implement Government immunization schemes for children such as the Pulse Polio Programme, Hepatitis B, and other mass health programs run by the state Govt.
  • If you need any Medical assistance, contact us at 9318311745 between 10 am to 2 pm from Mon-Sat.

We believe
“ A sustainable future for the children must include access to quality health care Services.”

Meet Sonia

A resident of Harijan Colony, After many years of her marriage Sonia was unable to conceive. She visited many local doctors but could not become pregnant. Then, she approached Dr. Parvinder Kaur at Maanas Dispensary for her treatment. Under the timely care and treatment of Dr. Parvinder, Sonia conceived and today she is a happy mother to Pratik, a healthy tiny toddler.