An estimated 6 million children in India remain out of school. 29 % of girls and boys drop out of school befor e completing th e full cycle of elementary education

– Based on data by Unicef*

We believe, Education is the biggest tool we have to bring about grassroots level change. An educated individual is an empowered individual. Keeping this in mind, we provide free holistic education to children from underprivileged sections of society until grade 5, at our school MANAAS SHIKSHA. Upon successful completion of Grade 5, we coordinate with Government schools and Private schools to ensure a seamless transfer of the student into mainstream education.

Often children drop out of school in middle and high school due to increased study costs, lack of family resources and support towards education. To bridge this gap, we have set up MAANAS Student Scholarship. Under this, we provide scholarships to ensure continuity of education. We also coach and mentor the students privately to ensure their comfort with the education methodology of the new schools. Further support is offered via mentoring of the senior students towards vocational courses and admission into the same.